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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Is Backyard Fencing Required in Your State???
Unregistered 02:50 PM 05-14-2010
I'm getting ready to start a daycare this summer. I live in Michigan and I'm wondering if backyard fencing is required. I do not have it. I got an estimate that it would cost $2500 for chain link fencing. I'm not sure that I want to spend the money and put it in if it turns out that it doesn't work out with having a dc in my home.

Thanks! :-)
Francine 06:42 PM 05-14-2010
No backyard fencing is not required as long as you are going to be directly supervising at all times. I just had my inspection last week, our backyard is fenced but it is strictly for the dogs. I was licensed before and just now got relicensed, I've never had a problem not having a fenced area for the kids although it would be easier.
emosks 08:12 PM 05-14-2010
It is not required by the state unless....
You have a hazard. We have a marshy wooded area in the backyard. We couldn't get our backyard approved until the fence was up.

Also check with your city as well. Kentwood required a fence so we were looking into it before our licensing consultant told us we had to have one.

I would shop around for the fencing. We got ours for a great price (just a bit more than your estimate). And it is a wooden 4 ft. fence.
Chickenhauler 08:19 PM 05-14-2010
If you're handy and not afraid of getting a little sweaty, you can save a TON of cash on chain link if you shop Craigslist.

I've bought heavy duty chain link, posts, caps, hardware, and top pole for around $1 per foot on CL numerous times (we're not required to have fencing, but little by little I'm fencing it all in).

My brother picked up 880 ft of chain link fence for free, all he had to do was remove it and haul it all away (including the concrete the posts were set it).
gbcc 06:08 AM 05-15-2010
I was required to get a fence in my front yard because I had a large ditch between my property line and the road plus the speed limit was over 35 mph. What I did was I bought snow fencing. I purchased a 100ft for $9 and then the post were an additional $12. It wont look the best but at least it will be a barrier until you get on your feet and know if things will work out.
originalkat 03:30 PM 05-15-2010
We do not have to have fencing unless there is a hazard nearby (railroad, culvert etc) but man it is easier if you do. Right now ours is partially fenced. We are looking into finishing it off.
sahm2three 04:15 PM 05-15-2010
I'm not sure, I had a fence so it was never an issue. I would just check it out before you commit. Good luck!
AnythingsPossible 07:59 PM 05-15-2010
We are most definately required to have a fenced in play area. One thing you may consider is to not fence in the whole yard. In WY we are required to have 75 sq ft of outside play space per child. We can be licensed for up to 10 children in our home, depending on space, so here you would need to have 750 sq ft fenced in. If a fence is required in your state, find out what the requirements are and just do that much. I did that when I first started daycare as at the time we had a HUGE yard and supervision was quite difficult. Just an idea.
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