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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Could Someone Share Their Sick Policy Please?
MamaJ 06:59 AM 07-28-2011
I'd like to send out an updated sick policy when I give my parents my maternity leave info. When the new baby arrives in January I'm going to be VERY strict about following the sick policy, due to a newborn in the house. My main concern is colds- one of my kids came last year and had a terrible cold for a good two weeks. I let her come anyway...her nose was runny but clear, but her eyes were watery, she had a bad cough, and she was just feeling crappy in general and just wanted to sleep all day. Even though she had no fever and no yellow runny nose, I wouldn't let her come here like that with a newborn in the house.

how do your sick policies cover things like this such as a productive cough (that lasts for a week or more), and bad colds besides just a clear runny nose?

GotKids 07:22 AM 07-28-2011
This is what I give out as well as have posted near the door

If a child is not feeling well enough to participate then they should be at home. The best thing you can do to protect your baby is have a hands off the baby rule and wash your hands and kids hands like a mad woman.
flightlessbird11 08:07 AM 07-28-2011
This is my illness policy: sorry so long, couldnt figure out how to just link!

Illness Policy

*We are a well child facility*

It is important for the well being of the children and my family that a child with ANY of the following symptoms be kept home:
-fever of 100.5 or higher within the last 24 hours
-vomiting and/or diarrhea within the last 24 hours
-any infection
-any green mucous from nose
-any signs of pink eye (any discharge, redness)
-or any other communicable disease that could be passed to others.

A child must be free of fever/vomiting/and diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to daycare. ( If a child is vomiting in the evening while at home, they may not come to daycare the next day, even if they seem fine. Or if a child comes down with a fever while in my care and it breaks that evening, they need to be fever free, without Tylenol, for 24 hours, so they would need to stay home that next day.)

If your child is too sick to participate in regular activities, they are too sick to attend.

Knowing your child is ill and administering Tylenol or any fever reducing medicine before bringing them to daycare is grounds for immediate termination. (teething is my ONLY exception)

Do not bring an ill child to daycare. If I see symptoms present, I will not let them stay.

If a child develops symptoms while in my care, parents will be notified and expected to pick up their child immediately.

It is very important that you, the parent/guardian, have consideration for my family and the other daycare families, and keep your ill child/children at home.

This illness policy is strictly enforced.

I require written permission to administer any medication to your child.

Any prescriptions need to be clearly labeled with child’s name and instructions.
Cat Herder 08:32 AM 07-28-2011
I print off the CDC Childcare/School exclusion poster/chart that the public schools use.

It can also be purchased in commercial poster form.
MamaJ 09:44 AM 07-28-2011
thank you! very helpful
daycare 09:58 AM 07-28-2011
Originally Posted by Catherder:
I print off the CDC Childcare/School exclusion poster/chart that the public schools use.

It can also be purchased in commercial poster form.
Im trying to find the information you posted about

do you have a link for the cdc childcare exclusion chart? I have tried to google it but cant find it...

Michael 09:59 AM 07-28-2011
Should find a lot more here:
MarinaVanessa 10:18 AM 07-28-2011
Here's my policy. Mine is especially long because I've had to add to it and re-write it so many times for the parent's that always try to question it .

Sick Policy
We understand that all children have minor illnesses from time to time that do not prevent them from participating in daycare; however, there are certain circumstances where children should not attend. Please understand that although it is an inconvenience for you as a parent to take time off of work when he/she cannot attend daycare, there are reasons for the exclusion.

Most of the time the child doesn’t feel well enough to participate comfortably in the daycare activities and the ill child requires more care than the provider is able to provide without compromising the health and safety of the other children.

Symptoms for Exclusion
A child will not be able to attend daycare if he/she exhibits any symptoms for exclusion, such as those listed below, without a physician's note which clearly states that the child can participate in activities without transferring any sickness to another child.

Those include, but are not limited to:

• Severe sore throat/coughing/colds or strep throat.
• Fever of 100°F or above.
• Green/yellow discharge from nose or eyes.
• Ear discharge.
• Head lice, nits or scabies.
• Three or more watery stools within 24 hours.
• Two or more occasions of vomiting within 24 hours.
• Severe diaper rash.
• Chicken pox.
• Conjunctivitis (pink eye).
• Mumps, measles, influenza, pertussis (whooping cough), coupe, impetigo, tuberculosis, rubella, rosella, etc.
• Any type of body rash.
• Intestinal worms, ringworms, pin worms etc.
• Anything contagious and transmittable.
• If the child is too tired or fussy to participate in normal activities.

Your child may return to the daycare 24 hours after the symptoms of the illness have subsided without the aid of medication and if the child is not contagious and/or if accompanied by a physician's note. If the childcare provider deems that the child is not well enough to attend the child is to be taken home.

If a child becomes ill the childcare provider will contact the child's parents and the child will need to be picked up immediately. During the time spent waiting to be picked up the ill child will be separated from the other children, comforted and given the opportunity to rest.

If your child becomes ill at home please call the daycare provider so that she look out for any signs of illnesses that could spread throughout the daycare.

Cat Herder 10:20 AM 07-28-2011
Originally Posted by daycare:
Im trying to find the information you posted about

do you have a link for the cdc childcare exclusion chart? I have tried to google it but cant find it...

Sure. It is put out by a collaboration of Children's Health Care System of Atlanta Georgia and the CDC. It is the best, simplest form, I have found. Although it is the 2008 edition, it is the most current one and is still in effect.
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