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unregistered 06:26 PM 07-31-2012
Does anyone have any ideas for how to advertise unlicensed childcare? I don't have q childcare name or anything. It's basically babysitting (except not the typical sense of the word, in that I provide more for the children in my care, like I used to be a preschool teacher and provide preschool and other important activities for a child's growth & development. I provide care all day during the week, so it's not like the random, weekends and evenings type babysitting). But I'm at a loss of advertising ideas for the type of care I provide since I'm not an actual day care, don't have a dedicated play room or daycare space, and very little outdoor equipment (cant afford a swingset until I bring in another child or two). I've tried an ad in the newspaper for a week, but got no bites for it (and I don't want to pay so much every week for an ad that doesn't bring anyone in, since I only need one or two more children). Word of mouth won't work until I've gotten more business and more families even KNOW about me. I've tried Craigslist also, but the nearest city I could post in is an hour away, so most people around here don't even use Craigslist to find anything that they need.
Thanks for any ideas you can give me!
AfterSchoolMom 08:13 PM 07-31-2012
How about flyers on community bulletin boards - at the public library, grocery store, churches, etc.?
shelby 08:30 PM 07-31-2012
I second the community bulletin boards.. I am having trouble finding clients too, but I live in a small town and most families drive into the large town and drop there kiddos at dc there... so I have just been patient and spreading the word at the Church here and have been posting flyers everywhere I can think of... they will come, just keep it up...
Truly Scrumptious 08:38 PM 07-31-2012
Just use your own name for advertisement: Ms. ________Preschool and Child Care has openings for ?????

List your curriculum and activities and anything else you meals.

You don't have to have a bunch of outdoor play equipment for the kids to have fun. A $5 concrete mixing tray can be used for sand and water play. The kids can blow bubbles, play tag, catch bugs, march to music, etc....

My kids like to take those cheap hula hoops and play "ring toss" using their friends....(the kids wear football helmets and stand real still with their arms beside them).

And don't say it's babysitting or that you're a babysitter if it's not.

If the newspaper and Craigslist aren't working, then I would do what the others have suggested and try the flyers.

Good Luck!
MyAngels 08:41 PM 07-31-2012
Click the tags in the lower left corner of this thread, and that will take you to some previous threads with a lot of really good ideas.
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