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wdmmom 07:59 AM 10-11-2012
I have a sibling group for 11 months. October is the month I always go through my files, make sure I have current and up to date information, etc. When I signed this family on, I brought them in at a lower price because I had 2 openings. I also agreed to the rate for 12 months. I gave the family notice that starting January, their rate will increase $45 per month for the 2 kids. I broke it down and it's equivalent to about $.28 per hour.

The rate I gave them is still a phenomenal rate compared to others in my area. I never received any response to the email.

How long would you wait to confirm it was received or that they are open to the new rate. I figured almost 2.5 months was plenty of notice before I start the increase.

And, since I haven't received notice, I haven't had the opportunity to talk with them about how my rate increases work. (I only do 1 rate increase for the term the child is here.) This means the rate I will be charging in January will be the rate they pay until the oldest child ages out.
Blackcat31 08:08 AM 10-11-2012
Do you see them every day? I would probably just mention it to them and say something like "Say, Jim and Becky, I just wanted to check that you got my last e-mail and wanted to make sure you don't have any questions about it"

Are they normally pretty non-communitive parents or are they chatty with you?

I wouldn't feel bad about the rate increase either as you were very smart to break it down for them so they can see that it isn't a huge increase for them.

They probably haven't responded because they are probably A-ok with the increase and have no issues with it. I would still casually mention it though.

Or maybe even send a follow up e-mail stating the same thing. Just checking up and reminding them the new rates begins on *** date and ask if they have questions. If you still don't recieve anything in return, I would assume they are ok with the whole thing.
wdmmom 08:14 AM 10-11-2012
I sent it to DCM's email yesterday. I also sent another several hours later. Mom picked up yesterday and said she read the email and was in agreement to DCG not wearing a pull up anymore at nap. (2nd email) (No accident in 6 weeks) DCD does drop offs everyday. DCM only picks up Mondays and Wednesdays so I won't see her again until next Monday.

No mention of her new work address (which is the only thing outdated on the information sheet) or the rate increase.

I even went into detail explaining that the new contract will only be valid for 9 months as the oldest girl will then start preschool and drop down to part time. I told them at that point we will review the new schedule and modify the rate.
cheerfuldom 08:43 AM 10-11-2012
I ALWAYS give a deadline for responses.

Send the email again. I would give her till the end of next week to either sign and return the revised contract or give her two weeks notice. If she does not respond in any way, the two weeks notice will immediately begin. MAKE her respond or you decide for her. Dont be waiting around for people to string you along.
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