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MNMommy2 08:35 AM 05-03-2013
In your opinion, is there a better time of year in which to close a daycare?

DH and I were talking last night and the original plan was for me to close after the next school year, so about 13 months or so. He told me last night that as long as his job keeps going on the path it is, once we have our two big bills paid off (should be by next month), and he has his new used Mustang in the garage I can quit. (Eeek!!!)

But I am wondering if anyone has ever closed at the beginning of a new year. I was just thinking I could probably safely quit after the summer, but I would actually like to just finish out the calendar year. Do you think it would be difficult for my families to find replacement at that time of year? I would give them four weeks notice, so right at the beginning of December. Even if I decide to quit in Sept, I will give them that much notice.

Or is anytime of year just about the same? Thank you so much! We are really trying to plan this out and figure out what will work best for both us and my daycare families.
MNMommy2 08:36 AM 05-03-2013
And I know they may leave early, and I am fine with that.
bunnyslippers 09:48 AM 05-03-2013
I don't think any time of year is better or worse. I say just figure out when it works best for you and close then!

MNMommy2 10:51 AM 05-03-2013
Great-thanks! I just don't want to leave them in the lurch at all. I wasn't sure if December was just too crazy of a time.

After today I am leaning more toward Sept. I am going to turn this over to God and pray HARD that this works out. My entire family is just so ready for me to be done!
NeedaVaca 11:18 AM 05-03-2013
I don't think it matters too much as long as you give them notice but if I were the parent I would rather it not happen in December. I have SO much going on that month with the would just be one more thing to do, plus a lot of daycares close for the holidays so they would lose time to look at new places. If the new place requires big deposits, etc I would also be strapped for cash that month.
canadiancare 11:22 AM 05-03-2013
Do you have any school agers? I like the idea of giving notice in June that as of September 1 I will be closing.......actually I REALLY like that idea

I would need to stop my online shopping addiction for this to happen.
butterfly 11:25 AM 05-03-2013
Congrats on your new adventure and family's support!

I agree that you need to do what is best for you. I personally think that end of summer is a better time, since most daycares have children aging out and going to school at that time - creating openings in their daycares. It is usually easier to find open spots then. However, you need to do what works for your family.

If I were closing, I'd probably close before the summer. I/we do a lot during the summer and I would rather enjoy that time during the summer with my family instead of feeling resentful of being stuck at home when I knew that I would be closing soon anyways...

Good luck!!
MyAngels 11:25 AM 05-03-2013
I would think for tax purposes December 31 would be perfect. No annoying fractions to work with .
Starburst 11:44 AM 05-03-2013
Well you could think about the times of years that are slower for enrollment in your area (usually around the beginning of the calendar year is the average slow season from what some say on here) or around fall/winter. Chances are that most daycares in your area will be trying to fill new spots around those times.
MNMommy2 11:45 AM 05-03-2013
Thanks, the input is helpful. I agree, if I were the dcfamily I would not want to find care in Dec. It may be tough. I do actually hope to keep one of my families, they are neighbors, so I really shouldn't have to worry about the tax part as I will still have a little income coming in.
AmyKidsCo 12:14 PM 05-03-2013
Personally I think either when school is out or when it starts again in the fall. That seems to be the time when there's a lot of transitions from school to summer programs or from child care to school, etc.
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