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Happy Hearts 05:23 PM 05-28-2013
The dog starts barking at the window.... I look up and it's her car. Instantly I scan the room looking if everything is up to par and think about what's in the kitchen sink upstairs.

I go to the door with a big smile on my face and very welcoming attitude. She checks the rooms and my paperwork. Then we go upstairs to the kitchen and dining room. Everything is perfect! She only stayed about half an hour but I was on pins and needles. Because, of course, wouldn't she come just when my daughter is having a c-section for delivering the twins! I was honest and told the licensing lady that if my phone rings or pings I'm going to answer it.

Anyway, everything was good. She didn't have to write a single note down in her little book or have anything negative to say. Whew!!

And, I have two healthy grandsons! Lucky me!
Sunchimes 05:42 PM 05-28-2013
Congratulations!!! Mostly on the babies, but on the perfect inspection too! Aren't grandkids wonderful?
rmc20021 06:10 PM 05-28-2013
Great news all the way around. I have 9 grandkids, and just had my second great granddaughter last Friday. Never a dull moment around here. Oh yeah...I have six kids of my own, that's why there's so many grands. And my youngest daughter is only 3 weeks older than my oldest grandson (explains the great grands).

I'm expecting a surprise visit any day now after always seeing everyone on here having visits. I do know there's a couple things I need to get in order and keep procrastinating...
AmyKidsCo 07:25 PM 05-28-2013
Congrats on all fronts!

They reassigned all the licensors in my area so I've got a new one after 8
7-8 years of the same one. My new one was supposed to come in April but hasn't yet so I've been on pins and needles for almost 2 months now. I hope she comes soon!
MsLaura529 04:05 AM 05-29-2013
Wahoo!! Congratulations on the great inspection AND on the twin grandsons! How's your daughter doing?
momofboys 04:15 AM 05-29-2013
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