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bloom 09:01 PM 04-25-2014
Hello! I'm new here and new to in home daycare. I've been open for about a month and a half and still have no children in care. We have conducted a handful of interviews that haven't produced much. In general, we consistently find that most people are looking for a lot for nothing (no surprise, right?). Most of our interviews so far have come from our postings on craigslist. Our ads usually pump us up, boasting all we have to offer (dedicated childcare room, preschool curriculum, food program, etc.), and photos. So far, parents seem to want childcare that bends to their schedule and expectations for much lower cost than average for where I live.

For those of you who advertise regularly on CL, how do you word your advertisements? I feel like our marketing/advertising has something to do with the kind of families we are getting interest from. I really want this to work out, but am so frustrated with the outcome so far. Help?
hope 05:31 PM 04-26-2014
I price much higher than most home daycares in my area yet below most of the centers. Like you, I get most interest from CL. My ad is simple. Lots of pictures with a very simple description. I make sure to state that I keep a small group and to call to schedule an appointment to see if their child is the right fit. During the phone interview I talk a lot about the selection of clients so they know that I am interviewing them just as they are interviewing me. I do discuss prices over the phone bc I will not waste my time with a home tour to find out they want to pay half my rate. My advice to you is to have confidence in your program and express that. You know what you have to offer so make them appreciate that. There will always be parents who want the cheapest care. You will not change them. You need to weed through those to get to your appropriate clients. Good luck!!!!
DuchessRavenwaves 04:21 PM 04-28-2014
Originally Posted by bloom:
So far, parents seem to want childcare that bends to their schedule and expectations for much lower cost than average for where I live.
Unfortunately, I think this is going to become an issue. Seems to me a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of parents think an in home care provider is basically a nanny operating out of her own house, who ought to fall on the floor and kiss DCPs feet for their incredible kindness in choosing to pay her. These people don't see you as a business owner-- i.e., the boss. They see themselves as the boss. That's not good.

I don't have much advice. I am also advertising on CL with no luck. I have heard from one lady that needs care in August and one person who just said, "I'm interested" and did not respond to any further attempts at contact. I feel your pain, for sure.
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