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Outdoor Learning 03:26 AM 03-28-2008
My name is Mark Baker and I currently reside in North Carolina. Back in the 1990s I owned a commercial playground manufacturing company here in Charlotte. In 1999 I was approached by the state’s licensing department for child care centers and the folks at NC. State to sit on the board for the Outdoor Learning initiative. My responsibility was to design, manufacture and install Outdoor Learning Environments for early childhood learning centers. Some of the systems were interactive hill slides, botanical growing centers, shaded outdoor reading areas, construction centers, water effects play systems, bird blinds and interactive walking trails. I sold my company in 2004 and began doing consulting work for other state and federal child development organizations and school systems. As I promised my wife we were going to move back to Southern California after my youngest daughter started collage. Being a man of my word and fear of my wife, I will be there at the beginning of May this year. I am writing this note to ask for help in locating people and organizations that already are working with bringing the classrooms outdoors. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time,

Mark Baker
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