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maelb05 09:07 AM 01-10-2020
I have a 3 1/2 year old boy who has always been a sweet, easy, quiet kid. In the last couple of months his behavior has been changing. During nap time he has been ripping off the wallpaper (I'm guessing to pass time before he falls asleep) In my 15 years of doing childcare I have never had a child do this and of all the kids I have had, he would be the last one I would expect this behavior from. Just this week, he has ruined leis and superhero masks made out of fabric.
I have talked to him several times about being respectful of the things in my home and what it means to be respectful. This has not helped with the behavior.
Both mom and I have talked to him together about the behavior too.
Mom said they have noticed a change in his behavior at home as well over the last couple of weeks. Just overall more of him testing limits and being physical with his sibling.
The only change for him has been that we have tried to start potty training him. He has told mom he only wants to use the potty at home, so we haven't been pushing him to use it here. Could this change be the culprit to these new behaviors?
Angelbearpuppy 12:11 PM 01-10-2020
This could be a tricky thing. Behaviors in general can stem from all kinds of things. Has anything other than potty training changed or happen in the family. Any typ of upheaval will often change a childs behavior. All you can really do is try and redirect and act upon the behaviors you see.
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