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Angie L 01:31 PM 07-21-2020
Hi all! I am from the state of California. My dream is to start my own daycare and work with children. I'm in the process of obtaining a child care licensing and I recently learned that for any misdemeanor (battery) even with no jail time will show up in my background check(during finger printing). I will possibly need an exemption. This incident happened 8 years ago while I was out with friends at a lounge, it was loud and I was trying to get a hold of the DJ. I was able to get his attention by grabbing his arm and he got upset that I touched him. He called for securities and the securities called the cops. I was so clueless of the situation as the cops asked me to fingerprint and gave me a citation after. The cops told me to show up to court and I didn't even know I got arrested. I did community service like the judge requested and the judge said once I complete my hours of community service that this case will get drop off my record. I even got a restraining order to stay away from the DJ. I don't even know how he looks like or who he is. A mistake of grabbing his arm to get his attention turned into this. I learned my lesson and I will never do that again. It's been 8 years since that incident which was my first and only arrest. I even got the case sealed. Will this still show up in my background check if I got my case seal? Since then I graduated college with a BS degree from a state university, I had 4 different jobs, and I never got arrested again. Till this day, I'm deeply remorseful and embarrassed by the situation. Will my misdemeanor for battery stop me from receiving an exemption? This was my first and only arrest on my record. I would appreciate any info or resources. I even searched Google and can't find anything definitive.
Cat Herder 01:52 PM 07-21-2020
Every state is different. Someone from California may chime in later. I just did not want you to think people were ignoring you.
hwichlaz 07:14 PM 07-21-2020
Battery is a violent crime and not eligible for an exemption. Ask a licensor if getting it expunged will help before starting the licensing process.
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