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Daycare Menus, Breakfast, Lunch and Snack Ideas>Valentine Ideas?
newtodaycare22 10:08 AM 02-11-2011
I'm thinking heart shaped french toast and strawberry milk...

Any other ideas (breakfast, snacks, or lunch)?
SilverSabre25 01:15 PM 02-11-2011
Heart shaped pancakes with strawberry sauce (and possibly a little squirt of whipped cream!) is on the menu here...strawberry milk sounds fun too for something extra special. I might make sandwiches of some form for lunch and cut them into hearts. Snack, I haven't totally decided, but we are probably going to either frost sugar cookies or graham crackers and sprinkle some special valentine's sprinkles (thank you Target $1 section) on them.

You might be able to dye your french toast pink with food coloring.
Candyland 07:10 PM 02-11-2011
really cute ideas you all are sharing!
Pammie 05:07 AM 02-12-2011
Breakfast will be pink heart shaped pancakes with pink milk (I use sugar-free strawberry jello - just a little bit mixed in a glass of milk gives a nice pink color and sweet flavor without the sugar high) and sliced bananas mixed with strawberry yogurt

Lunch will be heart-shaped quesadillas (just cut the tortillas into a heart shape before making them), Homemade vegetable soup with heart-shaped pasta mixed in, Heart cut-out jigglers (no-sugar added red fruit juice with Knox gelatin), Red applesauce and more pink milk.

Afternoon snack will be a homemade pink RiceKrispie treat heart with Valentine sprinkles and strawberries.

For a treat for moms and dads, the kids will be make white chocolate dipped pretzel rods with Valentine sprinkles.
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