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WImom 10:42 AM 03-25-2011
So I have a vacation day coming up (my first) so how would i handle?

The rates that I have set up are $160 (5 days), $140 (4 days), $120 (3 days)

So do I charge my clients that will now be 3 days instead of 4 the 3 day rate or take their rate divided by 4 which $35 and take that off? (so would they pay me $120 or $105 for the week?) Once in awhile they add Friday's and pay the 5 day rate so I assume I'd do the same when taking away a day??
MN Day Mom 10:51 AM 03-25-2011
I take it you didn't give yourself paid vacation days??

I guess for you it would depend on if they are contracted days or if their days vary each week and are they all aware of your tiers??

If they are contracted for X amount of days each week I would divide by their days contracted and subtract...

If they aren't contracted and vary with days and your tier... then just drop down to the next tier....

But to make it easier on yourself... add in paid vacation days and then it would be normal rates and no additional figuring.
ninosqueridos 10:56 AM 03-25-2011
I would not up their price because it was your choice to take a vacation day, not theirs. I would just subtract off the day and charge $105. Enjoy your day off!!
WImom 11:25 AM 03-25-2011
Yeah, I get paid holidays but not vacation. No, their days don't change so I will do the $105.00 Thanks!
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