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Maddy'sMommy 10:36 AM 07-06-2011
My 10 month old DCG started today, and she is a joy! Both her and my 8-month old daughter are napping away now. Love it!

Only problem her Mom did mention she doesn't like strange men. My BF is around in the morning because she gets here at 7:15, and he doesn't leave till 8:00. She cried the first 45 mins she was here, and as soon as he walked out the door for work, she was fine. Hopefully she will get used to him. He isn't around much, but he has to walk by the playroom a lot to get ready for work.

Anyone ever run into this? Any tips?
dEHmom 10:43 AM 07-06-2011

they will get used to them.

also, it helps if he were to slowly get them to like him by playing with him, or do like my dh and bribe them with candy, ahahaha!
maudie65 12:10 PM 07-06-2011
my daughter who is 13 months sometimes cries with no guys around. even her uncles.
she will eventually get use to seeing your bf around. i would try having your bf not make eye contact with the DCG and be very very friendly towards her but no eye contact. that seemed to help with my daughter and her uncle.
good luck!
cheerfuldom 12:12 PM 07-06-2011
they just have to get used to it. Don't make it worse by running to pick up and soothe the baby like something is wrong, ykwim? Just go about your activities and baby will feed off the fact that you and your daughter are not alarmed at all.
Maddy'sMommy 05:19 PM 07-06-2011
Thanks for the suggestions! I'll give her some time to adjust to seeing him walk by.
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