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New Members - Welcome to the Forum!>Newbie! Looking into Eventually Doing in Home Care in PA
NikaGeorgia 04:54 PM 01-31-2016
Hello everyone!
I have been lurking these forums for a bit now, really learning a lot and getting familiar with it. I live in PA, right outside of MD and currently work in a child care center in MD as a Twos teacher. I have worked in childcare for many years now,currently been at this location for about a year and a half because that is when I moved down here. I am really contemplating someday in the future caring for children in our home because I LOVE what i do, but the cost of childcare is whats holding my husband and I back right now from having a baby! It would literally cost what I make to send my child to care., but I don't think we could afford dropping to just his income either. OK, sorry this is so long! Just reaching out to any other PA providers and just wondering, where do you even begin? I have googled and looked at the PA page of regs and stuff but figured I would reach out to actual users too. I have a finished basement Id like to turn into a daycare room, we literally don't use it or hang out down there, its my husbands "man cave" AKA he just has his sports memorabilia in it and he doesn't ever go down there so he said hes willing to give it up! and I wasn't looking to take on many children as its just me-I believe I have read you can have three children and be unlicensed? Thanks everyone!
NikaGeorgia 05:34 PM 01-31-2016
Sorry everyone, I seemed to have posted this twice and cant figure out how to delete it, haha.
Thriftylady 06:32 PM 01-31-2016
He may not have to give up his mancave! Often states require you have two exits from the area you will have the kiddos. If PA is like that, it means you will be able to use your stairs and normal exit, but you will also have to have another one like a fire approved window. I can't speak for PA exactly, but that is common. It also depends on if you can be legally unlicensed, that may make a difference.

Anyway just one bit of advice I can offer. Welcome to the forums and don't worry about the duplicate post. It can be taken care of later!
NikaGeorgia 07:18 PM 01-31-2016
Thanks for the reply! From what I believe I read, its legal to be unlicensed with three..but I could be wrong. Also, I do have a bedroom down in the basement like off of the main room I would use as daycare and it has the window. It was a thought to use the basement so that it could be separate from the rest of the home, but I wasnt sure if it was a no-no.
ILoveTeaching 12:01 AM 03-30-2016
I'm also in PA just starting out.
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