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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Thoughts on Opening a Daycare in a One Bedroom Apartment?
Ashleytrixie 05:20 PM 10-29-2019
I am really wanting to open a daycare in california. I know most of what i need to do it and have lots of experience but I am curious how it would work in a one bedroom. Also what do some of you charge in california how many people charge hourly? Also any advice for a newcomer is welcomed.
Former Teacher 06:28 PM 10-29-2019
I am sorry that I really can't be helpful BUT please read your lease. Before we bought our house we lived in an apartment. Our leased specifically said NO AT HOME BUSINESSES INCLUDING CHILDCARE
storybookending 06:43 PM 10-29-2019
Look into the square footage requirements first and remember in most states it is “usable square footage” not just total.
Unregistered 09:56 PM 10-29-2019
Noise and neighbors!
Pestle 06:47 AM 10-30-2019
Naptime would be beyond challenging.
Cat Herder 06:54 AM 10-30-2019
My usable space requirement indoors is 35 square feet per child. Any area with furniture is subtracted from the total space. It must be free space.

Playground space is double, must be fenced and clear of water/animal hazards and transportation is frowned upon. How would you meet daily outdoor time requirements?

It is possible, you just need to really plan things out in advance.
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