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Mom2TLE 09:58 PM 02-16-2014
Just ran across this story. I can't believe someone would drug kids just to get them to sleep. Sadly, I think she should be being charged with felony injury to a child X4 but they are only charging her with neglect.
snbauser 05:27 AM 02-17-2014
Horrible!! And the fact that she was operating illegally and had been shut down many times and just moved to a new location and reopened goes to show her total disregard of authority. I think she should be charged with more for that reason as well.
Play Care 06:31 AM 02-17-2014
I despise the fact they are using the term "day care" to describe this woman. She was an ILLEGAL babysitter. She was not supposed to be watching children. And parents were still taking their children to her...
I personally believe the only time the terms day or child care should be used is when the person is in fact a licensed, legal provider.

That said, this is horrible.
Cat Herder 06:40 AM 02-17-2014
I guess the posters that defend illegal providers and chastise those of us who turn them in will be pretty quiet today.

Sickening story. Not the first time I have heard it, though.... Won't be the last.

Every couple years someone else thinks they are the first to come up with it.

We have to remember we have all dealt with parents who dope baby bottles, too. Doping kids for compliance is a big issue in childcare on both sides.
CraftyMom 06:51 AM 02-17-2014
Just sick! People like this are why daycare gets such a bad reputation!
Play Care 07:03 AM 02-17-2014
Originally Posted by Cat Herder:
I guess the posters that defend illegal providers and chastise those of us who turn them in will be pretty quiet today.
I hope so! And what makes this case especially egregious is that this wasn't a illegal who operated under the radar - the state had been going after her trying to close her for *years.* And it gives credence to the feeling that if they are willing to break the law to operate then what else are they doing wrong...
MotherNature 07:10 AM 02-17-2014
I live in Indy & saw this the other day. A lot of the commenters were saying..this is why you need to find a licensed center. It's hard enough to get clients here as an unlicensed family care home. I hate when this crap happens, not just for the families, but also because it makes us all look bad, and a lot of people have contempt or weird feelings about daycare already. Also, a licensed center is just as able to poison your kid or mistreat see it all the time. Call references, drop in, ask questions. Don't just settle for a quick fix. Find a sitter or caregiver that shares your views or that you can have a great professional relationship with. Someone you can trust, not just the cheapest. Do some research & realize that in our state, that many kids is illegal without a license. Ask to see proof of a license otherwise.
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