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melissa ann 04:11 PM 09-16-2010
Okay, the new dcg that I got to replace dcb that left last month, is driving me nuts! She will be 3 next month. She's always asking, what's this, what are you doing, I want to use glue sticks, I want to cut with scissors, etc. Every time my dd plays with something, she takes it from her. Dcg is an only child. When she gets a bunch of toys out, I tell her that whatever she gets out, she must put away. Then she gets mad. She's here lesss per day (about 8 hrs) then my former dcb, but she drains me out. She's only here 3 days/week.
MyAngels 04:20 PM 09-16-2010
I think I have her long lost twin lol! Constantly in trouble, questioning everything, sobs like she's been stabbed if she's corrected, and on and on. I hope she outgrows it soon!
SilverSabre25 04:44 PM 09-16-2010
Hmmm, I guess then I have her long lost triplet! Drives me totally batty...she seems to have no/very little initiative to come up with her own ideas and is constantly wanting to do whatever DD is doing. If she can't, she just stands there with this "pursed lips" expression on her face until she gets her way, eventually. She has a crazy sense of entitlement and seems to think that just because she wants something, she should get it. When the girls squabble over something and I ask what's going on, she always answers "I had it first!" even when that wasn't true. I've learned how to question them so that I get the truth anyway, but it makes me so.dang.frustrated that she's like this at only 2.5.
Chickenhauler 05:10 PM 09-16-2010
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it sounds like you have yourself a typical, run of the mill, average, ordinary 3 year old kid on your hands.

Why, What, When, Where, Who, How.....What I want to know is, who is hiring all these youngsters to be investigative reporters?
Tags:behavior problems
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