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newtodaycare22 10:56 AM 10-12-2010
New kid started today. First half of the day, he was fine. Had to be told a few times to clean up...nothing too serious. Now, it's nap time. He is a MESS. It always takes a new kid time to transition but I'm talking INSANITY. Running into the walls and being so disruptive. He came from a center with the exact same nap hours so his body should be adjusted. He won't look me in my eyes when I speak to him. His coordination seems off. I think he may need to be tested and I'm really not looking forward to that conversation I know it's the first day but it's not looking good.

thank you for letting me vent!
hall8385 11:02 AM 10-12-2010
i feel your pain i have had my share of new kids. how long have you been doing daycare? give it a few more days remember its new for the child as well and you need to get to know the child good luck if you need to vent i am here to listen i have been doing daycare in my home for 10 years and have lots of crazy stories lol.. take care
JJPlaycare 11:17 AM 10-12-2010
EEK..... Good Luck with that one! Maybe it is just the first day, new place, he is shy, awwww I don't know, but hopefully within time he adjusts and gets the routine and rules of you and your place down!
mrs.meg 11:29 AM 10-12-2010
Oh, I have had those days!!!! I have a boy that started here in September and once a week, usually on Monday, I am ready to tell his parents to take him elsewhere!!!!!! He doesn't look at me either! I have to be very firm with him or he doesn't listen at all! He tries to boss me and all the other children around, he is pretty much a spoiled rotten little boy! I am going to give him one more month and see if he gets any better, but I am not sure about him either. Praying your day gets better!
newtodaycare22 07:05 AM 10-13-2010
Today it's worse. I think something is wrong Today he repeats a lot of words and obsesses over very small things. Does NOT listen. Ughh. How many of you have ever let a kid go because of behavior? I'm not so sure he can even control it...but that doesn't change the fact that it's stressing me out and throwing off the whole dynamic of the day. The rest of my kids are like what's going on!
mrs.meg 07:31 AM 10-14-2010
I let a child go because of behavior once. I really liked the child, but he had delays and the parents REFUSED to see it. They felt that he was normal. He slobbered really bad, couldn't communicate properly, and threw fits. I felt so overwhelmed by him that I just could not do it. It was very hard, mom and dad were VERY mad at me because I thought he should be tested and this offended them. It wasn't easy, but at that time I could not do it. It is better for you and the child to let them go, if it is causing too much stress. He was 3 then and he is 7 now. They told me that he just has problems with the muscles in his face, that is why he (still) slobbers. I have heard he was tested for cerebral palsy but doesn't have that. Mom and dad are civil to me now when I see them out in town, but it was very difficult at the time.
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