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MommyMuffin 07:48 AM 11-15-2010
My own 2 year old is acting out a lot. Hitting, pushing, taking toys from dcb. She is usually really nice although sharing is always hard. I take her hands and say, "hands to yourself" "tell so and so your sorry" and she does. What do you all do when they hit or say mean things at 2.5 yo?
I thought since I just started dc and she is having to share a lot of her toys she was just acting out. But she gets lots of attention from us all the time and I have a space where she can put toys that are only hers but I dont think she understands this either.
QualiTcare 07:56 AM 11-15-2010
instead of focusing on your daughter when she hits and takes toys away, i would focus on the child she hit or took something away from, etc. it could be that part of her acting out is bc she has to share you, but she will learn quickly that SHE isn't the one getting attention when she acts out and she will not like it. she'll realize that you give the other child attention and that's the last thing she wants.
Live and Learn 10:13 AM 11-15-2010
Qualitcare is absolutely right. I would keep a very close eye on her to stop her before she strikes
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