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Unregistered 02:08 PM 11-22-2010
We paid for our son's tuition in full Fall 2009. Amount paid was for tuition thru 6/30/2010. Throughout the school year I was called in several times due to my child's behavior. I was told he was being put in time out a lot due to his 'behavior'. Although I never had any issues with this 'behavior' the year before (when my daughter was also a student). Regardless, I decided to pull my son out of this Montessori school in May due to him always being put in time out. During a phone conversation with the director, she agreed to a refund of $700.00 (she came up with this amount!) for the remaining 6 weeks of the school year. When I sent an 'invoice' to her in June for the amount of the refund I got a letter saying that they require a 30-day notice (based on contract I signed). However, she wrote saying she hoped the enrollment would make some amount possible to repay. I have recieved NOTHING. any recourse available to me?
Michael 03:22 PM 11-22-2010
If they have not replied to a letter then small claims my be in order. If you have the $700 claim in writing or email that would help your case.
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