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DancingQueen 11:47 AM 01-04-2011
I have a great napper. I moved him from PNP to a nap mat about 2 months ago and he made the transition easily. The only thing is that I have always had to stay in the play room with him until he has fallen asleep.

Suddenly ( after a week off for Xmas) He is laying there for up to an hour - playing around.. giggling - smirking - acting like it is a game
when he finally does fall asleep he is OUT. Clearly exhausted but resisting.

Any suggestions for me? i find myself getting more frustrated with him than I should and I think I just might REALLY need him to take his nap for my sanity.

oh .. he is 2 years 2 months.
Cat Herder 12:39 PM 01-04-2011
Start your transition over if you need to to get back on track and get yor cleaning/afternoon prep done.

I think everyone had a few setbacks since the holiday break, here...

I generally expect it...

Retraining the parents can be even harder than the kids the first week back after holiday vacation
kidkair 12:41 PM 01-04-2011
Keep to your routine. Obviously something went on at home and he just needs to readjust to your routine again. About 1/2 hour before nap get him jumping and such to really wear him out and that might help. You can also try making it a game following the same kind of rules as other games you play during the day. I tend to joke with the kids and say stuff like "Don't start laughing. Hey stop that smiling." so I would do something like "don't lay on your mat. hey open those eyes." I also do counting with them so I might try a contest of keeping eyes closed. "Can you keep your eyes closed while I count? One, two. Good job let's try again. 1,2,3 and so on til the kid is really resting. Above all stick to your routine.
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