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happykidschildcare 02:42 PM 03-03-2011
Ok let me start off by saying My 18 mo old comes from a family Ive been working with for a longtime(this is there 3rd child Ive cared for w/ this paticular family & they are trying for #4) I have their 18 mo old and 3 yr old sibling in may care, I use to care for their kinder till he started private school in Sept.. I love this family very much and we have become close over the years. But this 18 mo old has been high maintence from day 1...I keep telling myself he will be out of this stage soon..after lunch is when my older kids go down from nap, and the wobblers get the playroom to themselves I currently have the 18 mo old, a 16 mo old and a 14 mo old. The 16 & 14 mo olds are pretty ez to take care of, except when you add the 18 mo old to the mix, He has 2 older siblings that like to wrestle with him so when he's lose to play with the smaller kids he is a complete ruler of the room. Pushing them down, sitting on them, throwing toys at them. Its gotten so bad that instead of me chasing him around the room & saying no all day I'm giving him time outs, but I dont think he understands why he's getting them? Ive mentioned to M&D that hes playing too rough with the other 2 wobblers, they just sorta giggle. THey admittingly know he is more then a HANDFUL...I would never want to let this fam go, they have been great to work with over the 5+ years Ive known them. Any advice on what to do with this lil guy???
daycare 03:25 PM 03-03-2011
most children need to be shown how to behave or follow the rules... instead of saying no or trying time out (too young to understand) try showing the child how you want them to play. Example have nice hands, touch nice or getle....give hugs like this....

when they start to tackle, redirect the child to something else. When they do that tell them lets not hurt our friends, lets play blocks instead, or whatever other activity you can redirect them to.

I would also let the parents know, that this child is HURTING the other children and this is NOT ok. I don't think they will find it so cute anymore.

I have a family who has their 2yo old in a fight class, MMA.... he tackled one child here and did not do it again.
happykidschildcare 04:15 PM 03-03-2011
Yes. Ive done alot of redirecting and showing him how I need him to play.
I forgot to mention that the 5 & 3 yr olds go to twakondo regularly.
I know the 18 mo old is just playing how hes learned at home with his 2 older bro's. Now my job is helping him see thats not acceptable here @ dc.
Im just having trouble getting thru to this lil one, like I said he's been a high maintence baby from the get. . When he was 8 mos to 1 yr I thought I was gonna lose my mind with the constant crying and being so needy. He has had double ear infections multiple times and the parents blame that. But he's pretty much like that all the time, if your not focusing on him or letting him do what he wants to do he's pitching a fit. Ive told myself after this one NO MORE BABIES!!! and I thought DCM&D were done having babies after the 3rd boy, then found out she had a dnc monday. ( not to be insensitive) But I really dont want anymore babies, Ive planned on this sept being 2 & up only. ughhhh
morgan24 05:37 PM 03-03-2011
I call that the destructive age and I have a 6 sided play yard that I section off a corner of my daycare room and put them in there with their own toys. I take them out depending on what the other kids are doing, but if all they want to do is destroy, back they go. I have a good ignore mode so if they want throw a fit and cry, I tune it out and they get over it pretty quick.
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