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Unregistered 07:09 AM 06-18-2020
When I opened back up I only took one family & it was with the agreement that we were all social distancing. Mom was wearing mask at work, & kids were not going in stores & only going between mom's house, dad's house, & here. Now a few weeks later mom is no longer wearing a mask, kids are shopping with her mask free, they're going the beach every weekend, even traveling to a lake in an adjacent state a couple hours away, & just told me that they're planning to go to the public pool party next weekend to celebrate the reopening of the pool at 50% capacity. I realize our state is reopening, but our specific county numbers are still going up rather than down & it makes me very nervous. We don't take our children to the store with us & we avoid public places. My husband feels I should say something about it, since they agreed to follow strict social distancing before returning, but I don't feel I have a leg to stand on since the state is reopening. It concerns me greatly though. A healthcare facility with the highest number of cases in our area is literally 2 blocks from my house. How do you balance the anxiety with moving on with life? And would you say something or no?
Blackcat31 07:49 AM 06-18-2020
You can't control others and daycare is one of those businesses that applies to tenfold.

If YOU are concerned and know the family is doing things that make you uncomfortable, stop accepting them into care.
You can say something to the mother if you want but in all honesty, she probably won't stop doing what she's doing and if pressed by you will more than likely just stop telling you or will out right lie about it.

If she is being risky with her own and her children's health, it's safe to assume she isn't going to change her ways for your health or that of your family's.

Even if you agreed originally to social distance, you said the state is starting to re-open so that will be her justification for doing what she's doing.

Im sorry you are dealing with this. It is frustrating and causes anxiety on many levels but you can only do you.

I know many of my families are social distancing and being super cautious while many of the others are not. I just take the steps necessary in care that I need to take to make me feel better and/or safe. We sanitize alot, wash hands 10x more than before and I exclude for ANY known exposure as well as any symptoms no matter how small.

It's all I can realistically do to control my environment.
Cat Herder 08:29 AM 06-18-2020
Here most all restrictions have been gone for weeks and I still know of no one who actually, themselves, have had it.

Like at any other time, if they don't follow the rules you have established for your program, let them go.
rosieteddy 10:17 AM 06-18-2020
Maybe its time to stop offering childcare. As a previous poster said "they will just stop telling you their plans or outright lie". It might be time to take a long term break until we see where this virus goes. You could remind parent of your initial social distancing rule.It a hard call.
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