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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>How Many Items Can You Use An Apple Corer/Slicer For?
Abigail 07:55 PM 01-15-2011
This isn't really a "menu" so I decided to post this here instead of in the food category. I was at someone's house today and was babysitting over the lunch hour. She had everything lined up on the counter for lunch except for what was kept in the fridge (milk and grape jelly). I made a peanut butter/jelly sandwich for the 2 1/2 year old and cut it into four strips. Does anyone else do this or do you actually cut it into squares? He seemed to like it. The other thing that got me thinking was that he was suppose to eat a pear and she had an apple corer/slicer sitting next to it on the counter. So, I just assumed she wanted it sliced how you would an apple and it never dawned on me that this item has more than ONE use other than apple slicing!

How many items do you think this would come in handy for?
Bizzymom1111 04:49 AM 01-16-2011
I have a corer that is cylindrical- just for coring, and we sometimes use it for pumpkin carving! It makes a great ghost face!
alyssyn 12:19 PM 01-16-2011
I use my apple corer/slicer for making doughnuts. When pressed into the dough it cuts 8 small triangles and one circle. They turn out really cute when fried and glazed!! My family loves them!
Blackcat31 02:58 PM 01-16-2011
I use big cookie cutters and cut my PB&J's and other sandwiches into fun shapes like hearts and dinosaurs love them.
I use my apple corer for all kinds of fruits...apples, pears, oranges, and like pp's said, donuts. We also use it for making circular "plugs" of cantalope and honey dew melon, water melon love fun shapes
Aya477 05:26 AM 01-17-2011
when my son was small, we used an apple corer for all of his sandwiches. The small portions were perfect for a toddler to grasp onto.
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