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DaveA 08:35 AM 06-21-2018
Just heard on the radio Koko the gorilla died last night. I used her story often in animal themes in my classroom during my center days. Sad
happymom 08:48 AM 06-21-2018
Aw, I am sad to hear this, too!
Jdy2222 09:45 AM 06-21-2018
Koko's Kitten has always been a favorite book here. Feeling a little sad today.
Josiegirl 09:46 AM 06-21-2018
We have a book called Koko's Kitten. I remember a video of Robin Williams interacting with Koko.
Ariana 10:10 AM 06-21-2018
That is so sad . I read about her in National Geographic magazine when I was a kid!
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