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SunnyAng 11:26 AM 11-18-2010
Hi there.

I'm new to the boards. I'm embarking on opening my own in-home daycare in Sarasota, FL. The licensing process is taking forever and in the meantime, I am watching my daughter and two other children. When I was speaking with the inspector today to schedule my home inspection and she heard children in the back ground, she said "You aren't watching children, are you?" I was under the impression I could have up to 3 without a license. Can anyone help me out with this answer?
DCMomOf3 12:12 PM 11-18-2010
I am not sure in FL but in Wisconsin we can have up to 3 besides our own un-licensed.
Blackcat31 12:35 PM 11-18-2010
Does this help?
I found this at

An occupied residence in which child care is regularly
provided for children from at least two unrelated families
and which receives a payment, fee, or grant for
any of the children receiving care, whether or not operated
for profit. (Section 402.302(7), Florida Statutes

Which doesn't say how many kids from one family just that you can't have kids from more than one family.
My Daycare 02:11 PM 11-18-2010
Maybe she didn't like that you were on the phone while watching children? Just a thought. Some people can be picky.

What did you say to her?
SunnyAng 04:48 PM 11-18-2010
Thanks everyone so much!

@Daycare - I can't imagine that's what it would be. What a shame if you can't even take a very important call while caring for children.

I have my inspection on the 30th so *fingers crossed* everything goes well. It has been a VERY long process with so much paperwork, background checks, etc. I think they have all of my information with the exception of my bra size. LOL!
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