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zrehena 03:07 AM 12-13-2016
Our goal is to make sure that our sons first 2000 days is as fun and educational as possible.We built our own using over a decade of child care experience. Calgary child care wanted a safe, nurturing environment that was more than just a typical daycare. We wanted our son to truly learn, socialize AND have fun. More a school then a daycare…much more!

At 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten we work hard every day to make sure your child is safe, secure, happy and constantly using their brain. We give them as many experiences as possible with reading, math, science, yoga, dance and so much more. Our curriculum and our one year teacher training make sure that your child gets the very best start in life. You as a parent get the security and peace of mind that your child is loved, safe and their entire development is looked after.
Michael 03:13 AM 12-13-2016
Welcome to the forum. While I see that you are a daycare operator, your first post comes across as advertising for your business. We prefer you use this site for daycare related issues only. Also, you are TAG spamming which is frowned upon here.
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