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tenderhearts 11:14 AM 01-30-2018
I decided to try the Kidkare accounting. I am confused on the invoicing part. I don't want to give my parents an invoice every week nor do I want to set up the e pay but I would like for it to keep track of my parents payments, how do I do that?
Cat Herder 11:29 AM 01-30-2018
As long as you don't put in parent emails, it won't send them invoices. You can then print at will, or not.

Set recurring invoices then enter payments manually.
tenderhearts 11:31 AM 01-30-2018
So with auto invoicing it will be the same each week then if it's a different amount a different week just change it? can I go back and start this for the beginning of the year? sorry for all the questions
Cat Herder 11:38 AM 01-30-2018
Yes, you can edit a recurring invoice.

You can go back to the beginning of the year, but I did not figure out a way to fully delete some of the old invoice numbers. They stated they were deleted, but the old invoice number still showed on my tax printouts. Zero balance or payments, though, so no biggie.

There may have been a way and I simply had not figured it out, yet. I set up a John Doe account to play with at first.
tenderhearts 12:01 PM 01-30-2018
Great thanks
tenderhearts 12:52 PM 01-30-2018
Ugh this is so confusing, is it just me lol. I'm trying to go back and start from the beginning of the year so I'm trying to add the invoices, however, most of my families accidentally paid me for Jan 2 so therefore it was carried over as a credit the next time, how do I do that or fill in the lines?
Cat Herder 01:10 PM 01-30-2018
Try editing them as paid the last week of Dec. 2017.
AmyKidsCo 01:52 PM 01-30-2018
I do my invoices monthly so I only have 12 per family instead of 50-some. You can still keep track of weekly payments. The down-side is that if you need to change a payment you have to delete all payments made on that invoice and re-enter them.
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