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MomBoss 05:54 AM 05-10-2021
I made a horrible mistake.....I open at 7 AM and heard a knock on my door at 6:50, so i opened it. Now this family is always doing it. I feel cheated out of my mornings and I feel like Iím working for free, this child is literally here from open to close. How can I break this habit in the nicest way, especially since I enabled it?
Cat Herder 06:10 AM 05-10-2021
Start adding $1 per minute to their invoice for arrival before opening. Highlight the early arrival time on the sign in to give them a visual.
rosieteddy 02:18 PM 05-10-2021
I would send a notice home.Tell them they cannot drop off until the door is open. I actually had to put a sign on the door.
coloradoprovider 02:21 PM 05-10-2021
When they pick up today, "Just wanted to remind you that I open at 7 a.m." If they show up too early, then be indisposed until 7 a.m.
Unregistered 02:49 PM 05-11-2021
I like to text just so I have proof of what was said.

I would say something like, 'Hey so and so, just a reminder that daycare does not open until 7 AM. Going forward, please make sure drop-offs are done AFTER opening. Thank you for understanding!"

Or just not open the door, and tell them daycare doesn't open until 7 if they ask.

I don't know why home providers are treated so differently? They wouldn't show up at the grocery store before they open and expect to be let in.
KSDC 01:23 PM 05-12-2021
Agree. Send a reminder text that you open at 7 and that you won't be accepting their child early anymore. Then, lock your door and don't open it until 7. If they come early, ignore the knock. At 7, open the door and welcome them in.
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