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Daycare and Taxes>What do you provide for Gross Receipts
magsgma 04:12 AM 08-10-2011
I have to submit gross receipts to the city. What do you provide? I am concerned about privacy issues and the waste of paper. I was considering a copy of the W-10 for the requested year (s) and whiting out the names.
What is the proper proof of gross receipts to use?
Cat Herder 05:42 AM 08-10-2011
This is all I I assume your w-10 should suffice

General Information

The City extends the privilege to engage in a commercial enterprise by issuing a business license. Persons without a business license may not lawfully engage in business. The license, which is often referred to as a permit or certificate of eligibility, must be renewed annually. Businesses, professionals, and occupations that meet all qualifications and legal requirements are eligible to obtain licenses upon application and payment of the license tax.

Who Must Pay the Tax

All persons (including corporations, partnerships and individuals) doing business in the City of Alexandria, or self-employed professionals on a part-time or full-time basis who have annual gross receipts in excess of $10,000, are required to pay an annual tax on gross receipts earned in the City. (This includes persons with "home occupation" businesses.)

Definition of Gross Receipts

Businesses, professions, and occupations are assessed an annual tax based on gross receipts earned during the past year. Gross receipts may be calculated on either a cash or accrual basis, but the basis must be the same as that used for federal income tax purposes. Gross receipts are the whole, entire, total receipts attributable to the licensed privilege, without deductions. No deduction may be made for the cost of the property sold, the cost of materials, labor, services, or other costs, interest or discounts paid, or any expense whatsoever
magsgma 09:44 AM 08-10-2011
Thank you for that info that was helpful. Based on that info I was confident that I was supplying what they need.
Now for the funny part. He never looked at my records! Apparently they didn't think that I had a license (okay why was I sending a check every year since ummm 4-ever
Must have happened when I decided to use a ficticious name - I submitted a letter and they changed the name but...........
When I gave him my account number he came back and said that was easy... You are all paid up until 2011..
Thanks Catherder for your reply - at least I was calm when I went in.
Cat Herder 10:16 AM 08-10-2011
I am glad it went well. Dealing with City Hall can be stressful...
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