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erinalexmom 11:27 AM 10-21-2011
I have to say. I wasnt sure about taking on another child. 3 weeks ago I had one of my current daycare parents text me and ask if I had openings for her friend. I wasnt sure if I should do it or not. I actually had an opening but I wasnt filling it because I was honestly overwhelmed with the kids I did have. But this little guy started this week. First he is 3 and potty trained. I love that because preschool age is my favorite age Also he is a calm and peaceful spirit. When he walks in he doesnt cry. He always has a calm and positive additude. No issues with parents leaving/doesnt cry at drop off. Very nice parents who follow every policy to a "t".

So I am happy because its more $ for me of course. But also I just love the way he acts with everyone else and they act with him. He is a "good player" if you know what I mean. He chooses a toy, sits down,plays with it in a respectful way and has a long/patient attention span. Therefore, he is doing things that interest the other kids. Then they sit and join in his play. I have never had a more peaceful time or happier time at daycare! Its amazing!

I was also having an issue with 2 children not getting along. Well now that the new guy is here when they get sick of each other one of them goes to play with him and they dont have near the fights they used to have
I never thought that adding a child would actually make my job easier but it has!
daycare 11:32 AM 10-21-2011
I have one like that too and I just adore this kid like no other. He is so even temper and just awlays a joy. He has been with me for about 8 months and never once been to a time out. He always makes me laugh and when I am stressed out about something this little guy knows and he will say, MIss. xx why aren't you happy right now. In a split second, I remember why I am doing this and I'm able to change my mood. This morning I asked him if I could clone him and he looked at me and said what does taht mean.... He's 4. I told him and he told me that i was crazy.....

Glad to hear that things are working out for you! Hope it stays this way..
Cat Herder 11:57 AM 10-21-2011
Zoe 12:22 PM 10-21-2011
That's wonderful! So happy for you!
kendallina 12:54 PM 10-21-2011
That's awesome- it's amazing how the dynamics can change with just one little personality. Congrats!
Heidi 01:04 PM 10-21-2011
Yeah for you! Yeah for your whole group! :-)
WImom 01:06 PM 10-21-2011
That's great!! It's always nice to have an easy child.
cheerfuldom 01:12 PM 10-21-2011
yay! i had the same situation with a 14 month old I added. I actually really enjoy the days that she is here. We had a nap issue to work out but besides that, the days where she is here are actually easier than the days without!
melissa ann 01:36 PM 10-21-2011
Good for you! I have a 2 1/2 yr old dcb. He is great. In the morning, sometimes as early as 6:30, as soon as he sees me, he gives a big smile and he shouts my name and can't wait to get in the house.
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