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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>What Potty Chair Do You Use?
nannyde 07:18 AM 08-01-2010
I'm not interested in potty seats that go on the potty. Got a ton of those.

I use this one: and need to get another one but can't find one.

I've been looking at the new ones and they look crappy and sized down like all friggin equipment is these days.

I want one with a lid and one that is sturdy.

If anyone has an identical Gerry one for sale I will pay BIG bucks for it.
DCMom 12:47 PM 08-01-2010
I had a similar one made by Little Tikes and had the same problem when I was looking for a second one.

This past spring I had 4 kids potty training at the same time and I discovered these at Ikea:

I love them! They are easy to clean, they stack for storage and each kid has his own color. They don't have a lid and I was a little concerned about the stability of them, but you know what? The kids loved them. And they are dirt cheap.

AmandasFCC 04:05 PM 08-01-2010
My friend has the Ikea one and loves it. I have:

and I really like it

ninosqueridos 08:25 PM 08-01-2010
I use the ones that sit on the toilet but the kids need a LOT of help getting up there.....considering getting potty chairs.....

Do you empty the pee/poop IMMEDIATELY after each use?? How do you keep it clean for the next child if they don't have their own one without taking forever sanitizing it??
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