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haveaballdaycare 11:03 AM 05-02-2012
Ok, I started doing home daycare in August 2011 after my sitter quit with a day's notice! (Thank God for family and friends who babysat in the meantime!!) I started out with a 2 yo boy whose mom was preggo and on bed rest. He came 2-3 days per week so she was charged $25 a day. Since then, the baby has come, Mom went back to work and both kids now come 3-4 days a week. In my contract it states that full time is 3 or more days per week. Infants are $125 a week and toddlers are $100 per week. I have since gotten more kids and since she was my first, I haven't really enforced the payment thing. Well, now I need that extra income and was getting ready to send out a letter when her hubby lost his job! Now they are knocking off a day or 2 per week and I'm really starting to suffer. I've had some issues with another parent and have redone my contract and spelled out the policies pretty clear. My question is, how do I start off my letter to ALL parents (my 2 new parents signed the new contract within the past couple of weeks) with a copy of the new contract for my old parents to sign? I want the letter to go out to all parents with a "parent copy" of the contract.
Michael 11:37 AM 05-02-2012
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Blackcat31 11:39 AM 05-02-2012
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cheerfuldom 12:37 PM 05-02-2012
Address issues with the new parents separately from the issue with the old parent. Make sure the old parent has a deadline for when the contract must be signed and new policies/rates begin, otherwise they will forfeit their spots and you cannot guarantee that they will be available whenever Dad gets a new job. Its just business. Don't feel bad and don't let it get personal.
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