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tenderhearts 08:21 AM 05-16-2013
I have decided to start downsizing my dc, I want to terminate the first one at the end of September (hopefully), then hopefully the next by next summer. I want only 4-5 here maybe even 3-4.
I've been tossing around what to put in the letter and this is what I've come up with, probably needs some tweeking so if so please offer some tweeks

Do you think 30 days is reasonable??

Dear XXX,

This letter is probably one of the hardest I've ever had to write in my whole time of doing daycare and I truly apologize for having to do this.
After many months of pondering things, I have made the decision to start scaling back my daycare, I am not closing just needing to cut back with a goal of keeping only 3-4 kids within the next year to year and a half.
It has been a hard choice to decide how and who I would terminate care for since I love every child here and don't want any of them to go. So my only fair option I could come up with would be to start with the last one enrolled and so on. I really hate doing this and I've dreaded this for awhile but this is something I need to do for myself and my family right now.
The last day of care will be August 29th, 2013. I totally understand if you find care sooner than this and decide to remove him sooner, I just ask for at least the required 2 weeks notice.
Again, I am so sorry for the inconvenience I have caused I hope you understand.
If you have any questions, concerns anything please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you

How does this sound????
Play Care 09:29 AM 05-16-2013
I know what you are trying to convey, but it is too wordy. You don't need to explain so much (how and why this one is getting let go but not the other, etc.)
I know some of the other ladies are much better at this, but I would probably keep it short and sweet:
"As of x date I will no longer be able to care for Susie. I have truly enjoyed caring for her, but have made the decision to scale back my child care at this time. I have enclosed the number for the local child care referral agency to assist you in the search for a new provider."

I do suggest finding a statement to use for when you do hand out the letters -and practice saying it several different ways so when the families repeatedly ask you why, or try to change your mind you won't feel so caught off guard - something like "This was a really difficult decision but I needed to scale back. I've been blessed to have such great, understanding families!"

Good Luck!
tenderhearts 09:37 AM 05-16-2013
ok thanks, that's what I was thinking it was too wordy, I just feel like since there is no other reason to terminate I feel like I need to explain why they are the first going. I'll tweek it again.
Michael 11:58 AM 05-16-2013
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