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Kcole1075 11:41 AM 02-14-2014
Today I was walking with two toddler dck to take a school age his backpack at my house. I was wqtching the two dck run and play together. I started thinking about one other dcb who will start pre-k next year. I was this kids nanny before I started daycare this year. I have watched him since he was 9 months old. I almost cried its like one of my babies will be all grown up.

And then I started thinking a few years down the road to when these toddlers go off to pre-k. And how much they will have grown. And I realized I qm so blessed to be a part of and being in these kids life.
Jack Sprat 12:06 PM 02-14-2014
Ahh! I know exactly how you feel. I was feeling this way this morning. Wishing my current crew would stay little forever. Selfish I know. But, I love them and also feel so blessed. The bond we have with these little people is the most amazing thing and one of the best parts of our job.
grandmom 03:23 PM 02-14-2014
I love seeing my babies graduate from high school and go to college or the military. I think I'm just as proud as their mom.
sahm1225 05:54 PM 02-17-2014
I've been doing this for almost 5 years. This year we had 2 start kindergarten and 3 siblings be born and added to our daycare. Next year we will have 6 going to kindergarten and 3 start preschool. I cant believe how fast time has flown!!
melilley 05:59 PM 02-17-2014
I had a little girl who was my fav. when she was an infant (long time ago) and then my dd was friends with her in preschool. I saw her through kindergarten and see her every once in a while. I remember how much I loved her.

I also see former students from when I worked in a center and smile even if they don't remember me!

Today I was holding an infant that just started 3 wks ago and told her she can't grow
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