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iheartkids 10:55 AM 09-13-2011
We have this 2 ft. wide area along our privacy fence with nothing in it yet. We plan on putting rock down but are deciding what to plant. We considered making it into a garden but I am so afraid I won't keep it up and keep it looking nice (I am NOT a gardener). We will probably put in some basic bushes but I am on the search for that WOW thing. That when people come over it's like "oh that is such a cute idea" or "that is really neat" Do you guys have anything "special" in your backyard to make it look decorative or playful? The fenceline is about 20 feet long right along my play area with a bright white privacy fence.
Michael 06:03 PM 09-13-2011
I think a garden is a good idea but a water fountain is what I was thinking would look good and sound nice. We have one and I really enjoy it. Lots of different types to choose from.
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