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momma2girls 10:32 AM 01-13-2010
I have started out daycare for over 5 yrs. and have never asked parents for any kind of donations ever!!
Now a friend of mine, gave me a neat idea- she has daycare parents donate a box of baby wipes one time a month, then the next one in line will bring it for the next month and so on. I started giving a note to every parent about donating baby wipes for accidents, meals, snacks, activities, etc.... to wipe hands and face areas- I have them every 6 months donate one box- I don't think 2 parents like it very much, but oh well!! I don't think it is too much to ask, when I was always using my own for everything!!!!!
Pammie 11:35 AM 01-13-2010
I think if this works for you, and all of your clients know when they interview that you'll be asking for donations of supplies - that's great!!! I know a lot of home daycares here do ask for help with kleenex, baby wipes, Clorox wipes and such, and their clients supply them when asked.

Personally, since I deduct all expenses of supplies from my taxes, I don't ask for donations of regular supplies. The only materials that I do ask parents to donate are things that they would typically otherwise throw away - so we can recycle them into craft projects (2-liter bottles, cylinder oatmeal containers, magazines, etc) they're all very happy to save those for us when I request them in my newsletters.

Now I do have some clients that will bring a box of wipees, or a box of cereal, bunch of bananas or something on their own initiative. I do make a BIG fuss about how appreciative the kids and I are that they thought of us, and follow-up with a formal thank-you note that lets them know how much I appreciate their thoughtfulness.
GretasLittleFriends 09:42 PM 01-13-2010
All of my little ones that are in diapers bring a diaper bag each day. Their individual bag is stocked with an abundance of diapers, at least two changes of clothes, a box of wipes, ointment, and other necessities that each may need.

I do have a hodge-podge of diapers here just in case, but they may not be the same brand that a certain child wears. I also have baby wipes here more for my own family (even the hubby likes them in the garage as a quick hand wipe). Which are supplies for our businesses, so we deduct the costs.

I left it up to each parent at interview time if they just wanted to leave a pack of diapers and wipes here. They all preferred to just keep the diaper bag stocked. More than fine with me.
wejo928 08:08 AM 01-14-2010
My parents have to bring diapers & wipes every month by the 15 or are charged for them. If your child is not in diapers just wipes. They amount of wipes goes by how many days a week your child is here. Or they can choose to bring papertowels for me to make home made ones.
My parents do nto bring daily diaper bags. They supply on the montly bases for their children and only Huggies diapers. This way instead of 3 piles of size 3 I only have 1 they share.

Follwing are required: Per child. (if 2 kids then double)
1 to 3 days a week Diapers= 40 or more pack Wipes= 77 or more ct or 4 rolls Viva papertowls 1 box od tissues
4 to 7 days a week diapers=80 or more Wipes 150 or more or 8 rolls Vivia paper towls & 2 boxes tissues.
Non diapers just wipes & tissues exspected plus a 2 bottles of hand sopa for bathroom.

If not supplied by the 15 th then the following charges will be added to the following MOndays copays 1to 3 days=$25 4 to 7 days= $50 non diapers $20 month.
Parents prefer t buy because it is cheaper and I always have coupons for them to use.
Carole's Daycare 08:37 AM 01-14-2010
My parents are responsible for diapers & wipes and rash cream. They just bring a pack of each on payday- & I let them know when its running low- each childs pack of diapers is labled and has a spot on the changing table. Its less cluttered than having several bags come & go. I don't ask for household wipes, or paper towels etc since I deduct them, but I do ask for recycle type supplies for craft activities. I've had parents volunteer toys and accept gratefully and give them a special thank you in the newsletter. That inspires other families too, so I have 3 or 4 families that donate things. I have another mom that likes to bring food/treats for our special celebrations.
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