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Shelley525 08:20 AM 01-21-2010
I just had to call a mom to pickup her 2 month old he has labored breathing, coughing, wheezing and throwing up! She wanted to wait till 6 this evening to take him to the Dr. I just said "He needs to go to the ER Now!" So she throws the blankets over his head and continues to chit chat about nothing for 5 more minutes finally I said "He really needs to be seen." As she walks out the door she says, "When this all blows over I probably will go back to work this afternoon." Are you kidding me, he needs to be admitted. I have never been so scared for the little guy, I came this close to calling an ambulance. How do you make them understand the severity of the situation?
Carole's Daycare 09:01 AM 01-21-2010
Oh wow! I know so many parents who bring sick kids to daycare because they want to/need to be at work. Scary- could be pneumonia or something serious. Didn't she notice how sick the baby was before bringing to daycare? I've come to the point of demanding Dr.s note if I have kids w/ symptoms and parents who tend to minimize situation. I hope the baby actually gets taken to ER and gets help.
gbcc 09:05 AM 01-21-2010
It sounds like pneumonia. Have you heard anything? I would be really concerned the mom didn't take him. Or God forbid waited to take him. Did you document somewhere that you called mom to come get him and recommended the ER? I would just in case she waits and tries to pin anything on you. We can never be too careful these days.
jen 09:54 AM 01-21-2010
Good Lord! People are idiots. Keep us posted on the young one.
Shelley525 03:59 PM 01-21-2010
Ok, so Dr. says its Bronchiolitis, they gave him a breathing treatment and basically told her there isn't anything they can do because it's viral. I just can't stand the thought of that little guy suffering like that. She does have to take him back to the Dr's tomorrow to check his oxygen levels. They told her if he really seems like he can't breath or his lips turn blue to get him to the E.R. 3 of my other kids have bronchitis so it's been a nightmare here. She isn't bringing him here tomorrow, but I did just write up a note to all my parents telling them that I am a Daycare NOT a redi-care. Sounds harsh but I have my limits too.
Daycare Mommy 12:13 AM 01-22-2010
Yep, sounds like over here (Minus the poor 2 month old. Yikes!). I'm closing after 2 weeks of varying degrees of sick kids coming through here. Today is "scrub and sanitize the daycare from top to bottom day." Then Saturday is going to be "call each daycare parent and inform them that there will be NO more sick care in my home" day!
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