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SadiraRo 11:45 AM 03-27-2019
Does anyone know anything about running a nanny agency? Or used one? What do they typically charge families? How do you make a profit? I'm running numbers and I feel like I'd be robbing families just so myself and a nanny can make an honest living lol
Msdunny 09:27 AM 03-28-2019
When I was hired by a nanny agency, the owner charged a flat fee to interview and recommend a nanny for families. And it was a lot! She worked for higher income families, and charged about $3500 to do the legwork of hiring (including background and driving records checks). At the end of the process, I had one telephone interview with the family, and one in-person interview with them, and was hired. The family paid me a guaranteed hours/week wage, and paid the agency the flat rate once I was hired and worked for them for a month. At the end of that month, the agency checked to be sure both sides were happy, then billed the family for the flat rate.

When that family moved, they let her know and she helped them find a new nanny in the town they moved to. She also offered to help me find a new family to work for, but I decided to open my own daycare.

This process seems to make the most sense for me. You are employed by the family and not the agency this way.
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