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Christina72684 01:05 PM 05-11-2011
I'm opening my Daycare in less than a month and have been working on my Parent Packet. This will include all the information parents need to know, as well as all the forms I want them to fill out. I want to have this ready for when I meet parents and have them register, which will be happening in the next couple of weeks.

Does anyone have samples of theirs so I can get ideas and make sure I'm not forgetting anything? Thanks in advance!
daycare 01:21 PM 05-11-2011
i can private message you my PHb its not the best, but it gets the job done...

also my PHB and contract are two seperate documnets.

Will you be doing contracted hours or open hours?
missnikki 07:54 AM 05-12-2011
What forms are you having them fill out? I assume you have checked with your state regs to find out what is required- are you planning on being licensed?
MNmamaOf4 10:10 AM 05-12-2011
I use a 2 pocket folder.

In one pocket is the Provider Handbook and all of the forms that need to be filled out including the contract to sign.

The other pocket is my food program form they need to fill out also a list of food program meal requirements so they can see what I am suppose to feed their kids.
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