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MommyofThree 09:32 AM 03-18-2013
Who uses for pets, advertising for daycare, a babysitter for your own children? I would like to sign up but is it worth it?Thank you.
mom2many 09:38 AM 03-18-2013
I have used the "free listing" from for listing my daycare and have gotten several clients from it.

Awhile back they contacted me to see if I was interested in upgrading to a "paid listing", but since I didn't need to fill any spots, I held off doing that for now.
Luvnmykidz 09:41 AM 03-18-2013
I have used it in the past to sit for other parents. I haven't paid because I don't see a need. Parents email when they are interested in my services and they request the background check , but it hasnt cost me a penny. I will say that recently i have received several annoting scam attempt emails and that makes me a nit uncomfortable. All in all it seems to be okay for the free membership. I have thought about advertising up there when I open and would be curious to know from other providers if it is beneficial at all.
ABCDEFG 10:15 AM 03-18-2013
I get all of my clients through them. However, I can't update my 3 year old profile because I am a licensed home daycare. They told me I have to list as a business. I recently got an email titled "update or else." So, I guess we'll see what happens.
Blackcat31 10:30 AM 03-18-2013
Here are some other threads about
frgsonmysox 01:34 PM 03-18-2013
I've gotten a few families from but it's normally me contacting them. Craigslist is the best place for me, and word of mouth.
spud912 02:00 PM 03-18-2013
I'm assuming you are talking about finding care for YOUR children and not using it to find children to watch?

I have considered doing that to find someone to babysit our two children (very rarely) so we could have at least a little bit of alone time (like if we want to watch an adult movie or go out to eat...just me and my husband, once every 2 or 3 months). My mom has watched them on occasion but she isn't always reliable.

Is it free or does it cost money?
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