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Core12 03:38 AM 11-02-2020
Hi friends! I always like to get advice here because itís the best!!!
My mom and I have an in home daycare. She does all of the tax/paperwork and is looking for ideas to make the process less time consuming.
How much time do you organized ppl spend doing financial paperwork per week? We do have a tax preparer, however, itís still necessary to organize receipts etc.
I suggested that we reduce our shopping trips per week and use a business credit card for all transactions and let the credit card do the expense tracking. But, I didnít know if that was the most efficient method bc I need to separate supplies and food etc.
Please please help! We have 19 million spreadsheets for this, the time spent recording everything is like 4 hours per week and itís causing me to lose my serenity!
Core12 03:45 AM 11-02-2020
Also interested in any apps that could help with this process!
Cat Herder 04:45 AM 11-02-2020
You really can't bead KidKare. $8 a month. It simplifies everything.

There were a lot of glitches when they made the transition from Minute Menu Pro (that I loved) over to KidKare, but those have all been worked out, now. I spend less than 20 minutes a week organizing taxes. As long as you keep it current daily, there is little to no effort to it.
AmyKidsCo 02:12 PM 11-02-2020
WAY too much time when I don't keep up with it.

My goal is to organize 1 night/month, and when I do it's not too bad. But I tend to let it go for a couple of months, then it takes HOURS.

My hubby and I have a system - I mark the receipts and enter them in KidKare (along with mileage) and he double-checks that I didn't miss anything then scans them into NEAT. We use NEAT so we don't have to keep the paper receipts.
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