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springv 06:08 PM 07-18-2020
(This isn't a question, this is more of a vent of what I've dealt with in the seven years I've been at the daycare)

Every year we have a Halloween party for the kids at work so october 2014, we had a party as usual and I had originally told them that I would be there and the night before, something came up and I was unable to help and so I contacted the director SEVERAL times via text and phone and she FINALLY got back to me that night and said " ok". The next day, I went into work like normal and got YELLED AT and berated by the director and assistant director not only that, I got told to thank the assistant directors daughter because she filled in for me and I told the director that I was volunteer and didn't get paid and she pitched a bigger fit like a damn two year and so did the assistant director...... now everytime I have something to do, I get questioned by the administrator who was the assistant director before the director quit.....
Rockgirl 06:25 AM 07-19-2020
Why would you still volunteer there? I wouldn’t.
springv 08:09 PM 07-19-2020
I haven't worked since March 16th, so maybe me being gone will help them see how much I do and how hard I work my butt off for them day in and day out! The owners love me and appreciate everything I do!
Cat Herder 04:34 AM 07-20-2020
Has it improved over the last 6 years?
springv 04:40 PM 07-20-2020
It's gotten better. The director quit soon after this incident and the owner is both the owner and the director
Mariposa 10:49 AM 07-21-2020
I am a little confused. It seems like a vent about a situation 7 years ago from someone who no longer works there?

I have been a Director but I have worked with a lot of horrible Directors-I left a couple of jobs over it within a few months.
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