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Unregistered 09:11 AM 02-20-2012
Hi, I have started taking care of a 9 month old little boy who has only slept in his car seat up until now at his previous daycare. I really really want him to sleep in a pnp, he is about to big for the seat anyway. He just started last Wed, I tried to get him to sleep in the pack n play doing a cry it out with me checking on him often, after crying for a good half hour or more he slept maybe 15 minutes. Later in the day same thing but a little longer crying and then sleeping for half an hour. I don't know why he was left to sleep in the car seat so long and mom says at home he sleeps in crib fine. How long is to long for him to cry? I feel so very awful hearing him in there but it is obvious he is tired and needs to sleep. I am at a loss as what to do, have never encountered this before.
Cat Herder 09:18 AM 02-20-2012
There is no easy way.... Just go a few minutes longer each time you comfort him until he TRUSTS that you are there.

It will take some time, just know it is worth it.

I would like to ask if Mom reported this other caregiver? If not please let her know she should.

That is a horribly dangerous practice for childcare providers and is illegal for that reason.
nannyde 10:28 AM 02-20-2012
I wouldn't give a thought to the car seat sleeping. If mom is telling the truth that he's been in a crib at home then he has many thousands of hours sleeping in a crib and being in a pnp shouldn't be a switch to him at all. NO problem for the experienced crib sleeper.

Just put him in the pnp and give him a two hour rest in the morning and afternoon. If he sleeps... great... if not.. at least he will have a confined rest time.

You can go in at increments and let him see you but just don't take him out.

There's a chance she is lying to you and the truth is he has been sleeping in motion equipment at home and child care. What you may be seeing is what happens with a baby when they are used to motion sleep and they have outgrown the motion equipment... meaning they are physically too big for it... they can't afford the batteries it takes to keep him in it... or that he is being froggy in the equipment and they can't keep him from falling out of it.

When the baby who must be rocked meets crib it's an ugly transition.
renodeb 09:12 AM 02-21-2012
I would think 30 minutes max with the crying. WHy was the baby in a car seat at his previous dc? Im not allowed to leave them in there seats at all here. Its going to take him some time to adjust to a pnp but he will. Its tough having them cry it out but its important to have them sleep in a crib. In the long run he will get better sleep. Hang in there!
Unregistered 09:45 AM 02-21-2012
I do believe it was moms doing, she also mentioned cosleeping also or letting him pass out wherever he is, it is hard to always get a straight answer from her when I have questions. Anyway today he went down without the screaming, fell asleep after just a few min of playing with a soft toy. Hoping this is a good start! It was so difficult to hear that crying for so long.
sharlan 09:57 AM 02-21-2012
I, personally, can only handle about 5 mins crying. I go in, lay the child back down, pat them on the back, and leave. I'll do this for up to 30 mins, then I give up and try again later.

Even before I knew better, I wouldn't leave an infant in a carseat for very long to sleep.
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