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Joyfulnoise 07:13 AM 07-27-2020
My 4 yo dd is suddenly struggling to play. She doesn't want to do anything except sit on top of me all day. Quite honestly, I am suffocating. I am very involved in my kids' day. They get plenty of time & attention. I play games, run around in the yard, read books etc. But she will not go play on her own. It doesn't matter what's going on. Kids playing in the water/she's on my lap on the swing. Everyone reading in the hammocks/she begs to be in my hammock. Free play with toys/she wants to stand beside me & have a conversation. Even at night if we're doing a family movie/she is in my chair snuggled up on my lap. I say go play about every 5 min all day long. It's been like this for a month now. She knows how to play. She will set up doll houses & make the figures talk or act out all kinds of scenarios. But I have to be standing right there by her. What is going on? I'm craving a few minutes of peace.
Ariana 06:11 PM 07-27-2020
I would start scheduling one on one time with her and then you can differentiate by saying it is “time to play now” vs “its mommy cuddle time now”. She is 4 so keep it simple but definitely set those boundaries. Maybe cuddle time could be right before lunch, or after, after nap time or before etc etc. Just make it convenient for you and let her know that you need time to work and if she is not letting you work you will have to work later and then there will be no time to cuddle.

Boundaries are sooooo important and a great learning experience for her in the future as well. If she sees a mom with great boundaries she will also have them. Ignore the whining and tantrums and don’t give in. Eventually she will learn that moms time is valuable and we cuddle when it is mutually agreed upon. My guess is the lack of boundaries and firmness is making her feel insecure. I swear kids would suck the life out of us if we let them
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