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cis3688 07:24 AM 02-12-2014
I hope everyone is doing alright. I am enjoying a "forced" day off due to a winter/ice storm. I came to this site because I find my self in the situation that i have several responsibilities in my new job, that normally would be handled by two separate people. I feel overwhelmed and need to find a way to balance it all.
I work at a private christian preschool, as a pre-k teacher and the director- as of late. On the low end I work 60 hours a week, and that is only the work I do in the office. I take work home with me daily, so as to not fall behind any further. I currently give neither job 100% - teaching or directing. I love teaching and the director position was actually something that started out as a temporary arrangement, but due to trust issues of my boss and my boss' control freak reputation, none is coming on board, and I am hailed as irreplaceable.
I am not doing anyone any good the way I am working right now, but my boss, does not want to hear it. Unless, I quit, there seems to be no other solution.
I am looking for others that are in the same situation and that are willing to share their knowledge and wisdom, so that I may learn from them and just do a better job. How do you wear those two hats? How do you schedule your day? How do you still have a life?
If there is anyone that can give any advice, please do feel free and post it . I, certainly am grateful for any and all help I will receive.
Talk to you soon, and stay warm, if you are affected by this winter weather as well.
Blackcat31 07:32 AM 02-12-2014
Welcome to the forum!
Barone 05:43 PM 02-13-2014
hi and welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here
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