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View Poll Results: How many adults work at your daycare?
One 18 75.00%
Two 4 16.67%
Three 1 4.17%
More 1 4.17%
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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>How Many Adults Work At Your DC?
Christina72684 06:38 PM 10-04-2011
How many kids do you have at one time? What age ranges? How many adults work at your DC?

I have 18 kids enrolled, with anywhere from 8-12 kids here at a time. They are between 2months-8yrs old (2 months, 6 months, 10 months, three 1 year olds, two 2 year olds, four 3 year olds, three 5 year olds, a 6 year old, a 8 year old, and a 9 year old). We always have 2 adults here, and between 10-3 we have 3 adults.

Sometimes it feels like we always need 3 adults here, and sometimes 4! I just feel so overwhelmed between 11-2 with preparing lunch, feeding the "highchair" kids, putting them to bed while feeding the toddlers, cleaning up lunch while putting the toddlers to bed, etc. Anyone else feel this way?
GotKids 06:44 PM 10-04-2011
I have 9 kids enrolled. One is 7 and only there on school breaks and the rest are full time and ages 12 months to 2.5 years.

My son (16) and daughter (17) help from time to time. I wouldn't mind having a full time helper or at least someone to cook and clean up after my little wrecking crew. i just can't afford to pay someone extra and still keep my rates at a cost parents can afford.
Blackcat31 08:19 AM 10-05-2011
I have 12 children enrolled. I work alone.
sharlan 08:40 AM 10-05-2011
Technically only "1", but really a lot more than that.

I have 5 kids, really all part timers, though.

My dh is home all day so he does a lot of the driving to pick the boys up from preschool, or errand running. My eldest dd picks up my youngest granddaughter from school for her sister. My niece is here in the mornings if I need her to cover (like when I went to Texas with my sister or on the boys' field trip).

I walk the older 2 boys to and from school.
Christina72684 05:45 PM 10-05-2011
Originally Posted by Blackcat31:
I have 12 children enrolled. I work alone.

How in the world do you do it alone?! Do you have a wide range of ages? How do you keep them all under control by yourself? do you not lose your mind?
graham.shellbell 10:49 AM 10-06-2011
Wow I can't imagine 12 kids on my own. I have my husband, 18 year old son and after 2:30 I have my 16 year old twin girls to help out. I have on average 9 kids a day.
Blackcat31 11:32 AM 10-06-2011
Originally Posted by Christina72684:
How in the world do you do it alone?! Do you have a wide range of ages? How do you keep them all under control by yourself? do you not lose your mind?
My DH said I lost my mind years ago!!

In all seriousness though, I manage by having rules and policies that work. I care for children from 8 months to 5 years old. I stopped taking SA kids last year and that changed alot. I guess I also have a good routine down with the kids and I expect them to do the things they can. I treat them as competent and able beings and don't buy into any of the "I caaaaaan'ts" or But whyeeeee's". "YES you can!" and "Because I said so." are used often.

The biggest thing is that 99% of the kids I have in care are enrolled within the first 12 months of their lives and stay until they age out. That makes for a great group of kids because they all know each other well. I also try really hard to only take families that I feel I can have a good, honest open relationship with. If they allow their child to swear or behave poorly, then they really aren't for me...kwim? We have to have some parenting styles, views or routines in common to have something to build on. When dealing with parents I am also very open and upfront and have no issues expressing my needs, concerns or opinions......(that comes from being the oldest of six children....bossy by nature! LOL! )

I am pretty strict with my rules for sharing and proper social behaviors and I am not one for excuses. (MY dad always told me that excuses are like "butt holes", everyone has one but nobody cares. )

I also have a completely separate home to do child care in that I don't live in. This makes not mixing business and family very easy.

My youngest dc child is 8 months, I have 3 toddlers and the rest are preschool age. Nice mix of boys and girls.

Plus, 5:30 rolls around every day! As long as I remember that I do okay!
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