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smart 07:36 PM 10-21-2013
Hi I wanted to get your opinion on sending home employees in my Daycare Center early. It definitely needs to be done, but do you have any interesting ideas on fair rotations? With all the variables involved (shift time, seniority, position, etc.) it can get tricky.
jenboo 07:56 PM 10-21-2013
When I worked in a center, we got sent home all the time. We were grouped by class age...for example infant teachers, toddler teachers, and preschool teachers. Within those groups, the person who had the earliest shift got sent home first. If two teachers had the same shift. Occasionally, they would send home a teacher who really wanted to go home and let a teacher who needed the money stay (with approval from the teachers).
This made it most fair and didn't cause any Co worker rivalry
daycare 08:05 PM 10-21-2013
I have it in my policies that if my capacity does not warrant the additional staff, I will send them home early. Normally, I send home the employee who has more hours home first. If they both have the same amount of hours that week, I will let them decide who wants to go home. I do keep track of it on the schedule so that I make sure we rotate out.

My employees know that I do everything to be fair and they are also fair to me too.
blandino 08:18 PM 10-21-2013
I always give my employee the option.

I only do that because I know sometimes they are counting on a certain number of hours each week. So I give them the option of whether or not they want the time off or the hours.

Now last week, I knew ahead of time that our assistant would not be needed on a Friday, so I went ahead and told her not to come in on Friday.
Lil'DinoEggs 02:00 AM 10-22-2013
We used to have an EO (early out list). It was rare that there was not any names! It always seemed the fairest to me but we had the occasional whiner.
Play Care 02:59 AM 10-22-2013
Whatever you do, I would try to find a policy and stick to it. Either by having the employees with the most time leave, or the one scheduled to leave early anyway, etc. I would NOT leave it to the employees. I used to work in a Day Hab for disabled adults and the few times this came up, it always caused drama. I felt it was unprofessional for the agency to not have a set policy and stick to it. There might still be some upset, but it's much more difficult for people to take written policy personally.
smart 06:47 AM 10-22-2013
Great responses. I especially like the Early out list idea.
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