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Unregistered 02:21 PM 03-07-2016
I currently have 2 18months old in my childcare. One has been having frequent biting episodes, only biting the other 18 month old. The parents have been fairly accepting and tolerant, yet today, another incident occurred and well, mom is understandably not ver tolerant. I communicate with the mother of the biter and she isn't seeming very concerned nor has provided any suggestions as to how to alleviate this from continuing to happen. My younges was a biter and I finally bit her back and it stopped. Anyway he dealt with a biter not related to them and how did you help and handle the situation? I may have to term if it continues, but trying to avoid as I love the child and her family. Any suggestions? thanks!
Sheri 02:37 PM 03-07-2016
Welcome to the forum. Please consider registering. We have an extensive array of threads on the subject of biting which you can find here:
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