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lmdc 01:34 PM 11-02-2009
hi, all

my 2 1/2 year old day care kiddo (a boy) has been diaper free consistently at home for 2 weeks, which is my policy before starting it at dc. he's been out sick this past week, so i'm not sure if we'll be starting the training here as soon as he comes back or wait a few days to make sure he's feeling 100%, but either way i was wondering if anyone had any tips for making the transition to using the potty at dc.

Unregistered 03:32 PM 11-02-2009
I would stick with the routine he has to learn to potty in the toilet whether he's feeling well or not so if he's been diaper free I'd say continue with that routine
Chickenhauler 04:02 PM 11-02-2009
I've shared this tip before (and swear by it with boys)....Cheerios in the toilet and "sink the ships".

Works every time.
kitkat 06:13 AM 11-03-2009
If he's been out for a week, I'd definitely wait a few days or even the whole week before starting the potty training. When you do start, I'd give him reminders to go. It's one thing to remember to go at home, but it's another to remember to go elsewhere, especially when he might be more engrossed with an activity or just the other kids at your place. I give a reward of a chocolate chip when starting. The potty training kid gets a couple, along with every one else. You might also want to have him do a pull up over his underwear the first week. That way he's still in undies, but the pull up saves his clothes and your house if there is an accident. Good luck!
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